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Personal exhibition atGalleria Annunciata in Milan
Exhibition at Monastero S. Francesco in Oreno and at Palazzo Robellini in Aqui Terme(AL).

Exhibition at Galleria Alexia in Bergamo and at Biennale D'Arte Città di La Spezia

Exhibition at Studio Romani in Trieste and at Galleria 15 in Seregno (MI)

Exhibition at Galleria Civica di Monza.

He participated in a collective exhibition in the Galleria Montrasio, in Monza, presenting a group of tissues belonging to the cycle "Percorsi Celesti", a subject included in one original copy, with the preface written by A. Crespi.
He exhibited in Severgnini, in Cernusco and received the Premio Biella for his engraving works.
He did the cycle of works on paper called "Luoghi di Luce", collected in a volume whose preface was written by R. Sanesi.
He exhibited in the Museo Alternativo Remo Brindisi in Ferrara.
He presented his cycle called "Affioramenti" in the Galleria Blu, in Prussica, Albissola, Galleria Sacchetti, in Ascona and "In-Carta" in Ferrara.

Exhibition at Studio Palazzi in Venice.

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