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From the 80's, he has been using the encausto technique on plaster and slabs in works collecting minimal signs of architectonic contexts. In this period several exhibitions were hold in different places with a special architectonic interest, that is, abbandoned villas, ancient yards and unconsecrated churches where painting and literature joined together. These subjects are collected and published in volumes like "Che l'infanzia finisca cosi? ", "Percorsi Celesti" and "Affioramenti", texts by Luciano Rossi and Alberto Crespi (the last ones), respectively .

In 1989 he participated in a collective exhibition in the Galleria Montrasio, in Monza, presenting a group of tissues belonging to the cycle "Percorsi Celesti", a subject included in one original copy, with the preface written by A. Crespi. He exhibited in Severgnini, in Cernusco and received the Premio Biella for his engraving works. He did the cycle of works on paper called "Luoghi di Luce", collected in a volume whose preface was written by R. Sanesi. He exhibited in the Museo Alternativo Remo Brindisi in Ferrara, he presented his cycle called "Affioramenti" in the Galleria Blu, in Prussica, Albissola, Galleria Sacchetti, in Ascona and "In-Carta" in Ferrara.

In 1994 he was one of the ten sculptors in the exhibition "Un Percorso", in Cernusco.

In 1995 he did two personal exhibitions:
"Luminosità-Numinosità" in the Galleria AZ, in Milan, text of the catalogue by Pier Luigi Senna "Esplorazioni" , in the Galleria Vincini, in Milan, text by Riccardo Barletta.
The encausto slabs collect sequences of cryptic signs whose goal is to find new ways of communication, inside an architectonic order based on the square.
In the same year he painted the glass windows and decorated, using mosaics, the church of San Carlo, in Brugherio.

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